Private Aircraft Charter Service

Australia | New Zealand | The South Pacific


BLAK is your specialised private air travel partner. Whether you have business charter requirements or wish to arrange the ultimate luxury getaway, BLAK will procure an itinerary for you. We pride ourselves on offering the best aircraft available in the market with your safety and comfort in mind.

Be it facilitating transport solutions around international ports, or delivering you to isolated domestic runways, BLAK will get you there in luxurious comfort. Our travel is done in a manner that is uncompromising in style and discretion.

BLAK was launched in New Zealand, where we are proudly based. We boast an intimate knowledge of the whole of the Oceanic aviation landscape and all of the remote beauty it possesses. This permits us to access and deliver experiences to our clients that might not otherwise be available.


Private Jet Charter


BLAK understands what makes luxury travel so special.

We know how to get you to places that others deem too challenging. Entirely tailored solutions are created to fit your every need. With access to aircraft ranging from ultra-long haul jets to short-start/short-stop turboprops, BLAK will deliver you a truly remarkable experience.

Commissioning the use of non-scheduled services, eliminates the time wasted during check-in, and waiting in slow moving airport queues. BLAK provides a discreet service that leaves when you're ready, not when the airline demands it.

Nothing is beyond the capabilities of our adaptable team. Specific dietary requirements or access to the inaccessible is a daily occurrence in the world of BLAK.


Corporate Aircraft Charter

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There are many benefits to private air travel, but the real advantages of flying privately are convenience and efficiency; business imperatives. Whether you are a corporate traveller, government agency, sports team or V.I.P - we will help you avoid the large queues typically found at airports. BLAK understands how important reducing downtime is to a company’s overall productivity.

BLAK is dedicated to service the tailored needs of the corporate traveller. With specific and flexible itineraries, access to remote locations, and comprehensive travel solutions, our client's only concern is their business.

BLAK ensures that time in transit is not wasted. The BLAK service provides a fully functional and completely private boardroom in the sky. Uninterrupted discussion is an essential component of business. Meetings can be prepared for en route and debriefed immediately after, allowing business to be seamless and unimpeded.


Helicopter Charter


The soft footprint of helicopters means that nature’s beauty remains untouched and unblemished. Clients can enjoy snow-capped mountains, burbling trout-filled streams and secluded areas that are the gateways to adventure, whilst also utilising downtown helipads to make access to urban centers a breeze.

Enjoy the convenience of swift, effective transport directly off a BLAK charter. Simply lift straight off the apron from one remote engagement to another. Transfers are streamlined, so that the only downtime you experience is when the helicopter itself, gently touches down at your destination.


Private Travel Concierge


BLAK provides more than just air travel solutions to the world’s most discerning travellers. Our partner company LONGRANGE has a unique knowledge of the Australasian and South Pacific travel landscape. Untouched geographical areas and exclusive properties are unlocked by LONGRANGE with silent, unassuming ease.

LONGRANGE has developed exclusive affiliations with service providers including private drivers, personal chefs, tour guides, close protection security personnel and many more. This enables LONGRANGE to deliver specialised travel solutions to clients who expect nothing but the very best.

LONGRANGE understands that a unique experience is delivered when the unexpected can materialise.