New Zealand

The characteristics that attract you to New Zealand – remoteness, rarity and remarkability – make private air charter the intelligent way to link your desired destinations.

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Cessna Citation Mustang


If a rapid, uninterrupted trip to breathtaking landscapes is required then look no further than the Cessna Citation Mustang, which will deliver you to the most remote corners of New Zealand. With unparalleled short field performance capabilities, this aircraft's agility permits it to land on almost all sealed runways in New Zealand.

Boasting a range of 1165 nautical miles and a cruise speed of 340 knots, the Mustang is an emblem of power and speed coupled with the benefit of advanced avionics technology.

The Mustang offers passengers a comfortable cabin with four reclining leather seats, retractable workstations and multi-zone climate control.

Maximum Seating - 5 Passengers

Year Of Manufacture - 2007 + 2010

Flight Crew - 1 Pilot (Dual Pilots Upon Request)

Maximum Range | Speed - 1,165 Nautical Miles | 340 Knots

Maximum Altitude - 41,000ft

- Cabin Amenities -

Satellite Telephone

12V DC Power Outlet

Reclining Leather Seating

Multi-zone Climate Control


Beechcraft King Air B200GT


The Beechcraft King Air is the most popular business aircraft in the world. With a reputation for elegance and flexibility, the King Air B200GT continues the marque's reign of global aviation innovation.

The King Air features a luxurious interior complete with executive leather seating, air-conditioning and self-service refreshment galley. This turboprop's large cabin capacity of up to eight passengers renders this aircraft perfect for larger corporate or family groups. 

The high-performance capabilities of the B200GT, opens access to shorter runways not accessible by jet aircraft.

Maximum Seating - 6-8 Passengers

Year Of Manufacture - 2008

Flight Crew - 2 Pilots

Maximum Range | Speed - 1,300 Nautical Miles | 300 Knots

Maximum Altitude - 35,000ft

- Cabin Amenities -

Individual Leather Swivel Seating

Self-service Refreshment Galley

Satellite Telephone

Onboard Lavatory


Nextant 400XTi


The Nextant 400XTi combines space and luxury, usually only afforded on larger aircraft. This jet is equipped to offer passengers exceptional comfort, making it a true delight to relax in the spacious cabin's club seating arrangement.

This aircraft is provisioned with the highest level of avionics equipment enabling compliant operations to all South Pacific destinations including those airports operating to European aviation standards.

The Nextant 400XTi is furnished using the finest hardwoods and laminates, leathers and fabrics offering passengers an absolute touch of luxury.

Maximum Seating - 7 Passengers

Year Of Manufacture - 2014 (Refurbishment) | 1998 (Airframe)

Flight Crew - 2 Pilots

Maximum Range | Speed - 1,990 Nautical Miles | 440 Knots

Maximum Altitude - 45,000ft

- Cabin Amenities -

Satellite Telephone

12V Power DC Outlet

Onboard Lavatory

Multi-zone Climate Control

Cessna Citation Sovereign


The Cessna Citation Sovereign C680 is the premier Super Midsize business jet based in New Zealand.

The high-performance capabilities of the Sovereign make this aircraft the perfect fit for travel not only within New Zealand, but throughout the Australasian and South Pacific landscape. The Cessna Citation Sovereign cruises at up to 450 knots, with a range of 2600 nautical miles. This means hops from Napier to Queenstown, Auckland to Nadi and Wellington to Melbourne are swift and effortless.

The Sovereign's flight crew ensure that all of the details are taken care of whilst en route, leaving guests to relax in comfort and privacy.

Maximum Seating - 9 Passengers

Year Of Manufacture - 2008

Flight Crew - 2 Pilots

Cruise Range | Speed - 2,600 Nautical Miles | 450 Knots

Maxium Altitude - 47,000ft

- Cabin Amenities -

Satellite Telephone


Full Service Galley

Onboard Lavatory


Gulfstream G650


When sixteen seats, speed and refinement are required for your international long haul missions, there is simply no better way to fly than in the Gulfstream G650. Capable of travelling 7,000 nautical miles close to the speed of sound, there is hardly a corner of the earth that cannot be reached with just one powerful hop.

The beautiful cabin is affixed with the most advanced technology, further adding to the feeling of comfort and sophistication onboard this aircraft. The Gulfstream G650 cabin attendant ensures that on-board requirements are always met. Gourmet catering is facilitated through a full-service galley, and rest is assured in large berthable leather seats.

Maximum Seating - 16 Passengers

Year Of Manufacture - 2013

Flight Crew - 3 Pilots | 1 Cabin Attendant

Maximum Range | Speed - 7,000 Nautical Miles | Mach .92

Maximum Altitude - 51,000ft

- Cabin Amenities -

Satellite Telephone

Apple iOS Cabin Management System

Full Service Galley

Berthable Leather Seating